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Slide Swords of Blood

Swords of Blood

Violence, betrayal and a cunning evil has brought about the brutal fall of the world of Ezura. The Betrayer, a being of immense evil, has annihilated the stalwart protectors of the realm and for 1,000 years, darkness has reigned.


It is a time of desperation, despair and death, as the Betrayer’s armies cover the land.


But from the ruins, a possible salvation arises; the last of the once mighty warrior order has been resurrected by an ancient goddess known as the Sentinel. Together, you will attempt to bring a spark of hope to the desolate land.


Become a fearless dungeon crawler, a bounty hunting battle-mage, or a powerful warrior, grinding for loot and rare equipment. Craft epic gear, bend nature’s magic to your will and avenge your fallen brothers on an epic quest of might and revenge.

A dynamic, hack n slash RPG

Highly immersive, beautifully rendered gameplay

PVE and PVP modes

Collect powerful weapons and armor, forge weapons of magic and iron and craft powerful items and equipment. Customize your warrior with hundreds of unique items to fit your play-style.

Traverse the broken lands of Ezura and repel the evil plaguing the kingdom. Vast, richly detailed environments await you, from arid deserts and creeping jungles to dank dungeons, ruined castles and more.

Swords of Blood features dynamic, gesture-controlled combat with an old school feel. Master deadly techniques, hundreds of weapons and powerful magic to slay your foes!

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Swords of Blood Game Features: Discover the beautiful world of Ezura

Master a wide variety of weapons and elements

Build devastating attack combinations

Craft unique, powerful gear and weapons

Use Hack N Slash gameplay to slay your opponents

Compete with other players in fast-paced, brutal PVP


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